OBR008 // Too Faced  EP


02 October 2012


Too Faced EP is a perfect example of the range of amazing hard hitting techno these guys produce. Junk Trunk is a deep, progressive influenced tune with an amazing groove and the trademark moody overtones these guys so expertly produce. Evolve takes it up a notch in intensity while still managing to be quite subtle until the massive drop which takes the tune into the stratosphere! The title track of the EP, Too Faced, is a very funky techno groover with trippy sounds and the unmkistakable MOT3K groove that is sure to fire up any dancefloor.

OBR007 // Lost In The Wild  EP


05 June 2012


For our seventh release we present a young producer and DJ FunkForm, hailing from Cairns, Australia. FunkForm has been getting some fantastic responses lately for his amazing productions from many renowned worldwide DJs. This release is set to have just as big of an impact. This two track EP consists of a mellow deep house beauty Lost In the Wild and a forward thinking progressive gem My Hands On You. Both are equally masterfully crafted and are sure to please many discerning ears.


OBR005 // Analgesia  EP


17 January 2012


This fantastic three track EP comes with the original title track Analgesia by Ketracel soundcloud.com/ketracel a future house classic in the making for sure! On the remix duties we have two brilliant producers, Ucleden soundcloud.com/ucleden and Vladimir Acic soundcloud.com/vladimir-acic. Ucleden takes the remix on a beautiful spacey techno ride and Vladimir Acic gives it a monster percussive makeover! But talk is cheap, check out for yourself what this fantastic EP sounds like.


OBR004 // Dark Matter  EP


31 August 2011


Original Mixes



OBR003 // Midnight Express  EP

James Francis

08 April 2011


Original Mix

Jamie Stevens Remix

Ketracel Remix




OBR002 // Midnight Express  EP

Progress Inn

28 October 2010


Original Mixes




OBR001 // Overcome  EP

Progress Inn

31 October 2008


Original Mixes